Psychic-Mediumship Readings

Readings from me are an uplifting, positive experience always meant for your highest good.  The information comes from Source, The Universe or whatever you choose to call it, not from me personally.  I am the vessel translating the information and I work hard to ensure clear communication.  You can be certain that the information is specifically for you and with your best interests in mind.  

I am so blessed to channel loving, beautiful entities that assist in readings as well as facilitating communication from your loved ones that have passed on or from your spirit guides.  It's so exciting to be able to offer this deeper information for my clients.

Psychic/Intuitive Readings can be conducted in many ways by Psychics.  My preferred method is using Oracle cards.  I primarily use a variety of Angel card decks created by Doreen Virtue but also a couple of other tarot decks depending on what your questions are about.  I generally begin with giving you a brief healing to set the energy and remove any blocks you may have to receiving the information.

Mediumship Readings:  I also connect with the energy of loved ones that have passed on as a Psychic-Medium.  I find it helpful to have a picture of them (not shown to me) to focus on bringing them forward.  I have also channeled loved ones and spirit guides as a Physical Medium (they speak through me).  When it has happened it's so loving and powerful for my clients to receive the information directly.

Readings can be done in person, over the phone or via Skype/Zoom.  The results are exactly the same.

Individuals:  $100 for a 1 hour reading, $50 for a 30 minute reading.  

Small Groups:  Maximum 6, minimum 4 people.  $40 per person - everyone receives a reading!  This is a fun and supportive way to share your experience with friends and family. Please call me directly to schedule a group night: 916-838-0123 or send me an email:

Events - Parties:  $100 an hour, two hour minimum-four hour maximum.  I love doing readings at parties or events. So many people have always wanted to get a reading but didn't know who to trust or where to go.  At an event or a party guests happily participate and it's always an uplifting experience for them.  I love introducing those new to spirit and sharing how much they want to help them to have a wonderful life. Please call me directly to schedule for this type of service: 916-838-0123 or send me an email:

I accept cash, CashApp, PayPal, Venmo or credit cards.

Animal Communication and Energy Healings for your Pets

The benefits are the same as for us humans!  Animals are generally excited to have a "voice".  They are very open to healing energy so the experience is quite positive for them.  Please click on the Animal Communication tab for more detailed information.

Certification Awarded by Doreen Virtue

Certification Awarded by Doreen Virtue