I'm so grateful for my amazing clients that trust me and are open to this work!

  • I wanted to thank you so very much for the readings that you offered to my friends and I last Friday.  I had a really profound experience being with you.  You helped me to feel safe and cared for.  Both your compassion and expertise are truly immense.  I walked away from you knowing what I need to do to set my Soul free from suffering.  I am committed to unplugging my wounded heart so that I can marinate in the joy and love that currently fill my life.  With Much Gratitude,  Johanna M.  Sacramento, CA
  • "Nancy is not only a very accurate intuitive and powerful energy healer, she's a real down-to-earth person.  She is extremely honest and compassionate.  I came to her to do some energy work to help my aging cat Pikachu and for some communication with him to see what his needs and wants were.  I really believed she connected with him and she helped me tremendously in deciding the best care for my cat at the end of his life cycle.  She is definitely a big animal and people lover and is doing this kind of work for the right reasons.  She also worked very well with my cat remotely after they had met in person.  Thank you Nancy.  There's not enough money in the world to be of the same value as what you do."  Cristina Maia V. Sacramento, CA


  • "I want everyone to know the healing I received was great.  I had many aches and pains physically and emotionally.  After the healing my physical pains have not returned.  My right knee was blocked where I could not bend it and the pain was terrible.  Now I have full use of my knee and have returned to some of the activities I thought that I could never do again.  The healing helped me with the passing of two loved ones and I am at peace now.  Thanks so much!!!"  John W.  Booneville, MS


  • "I've consulted with Nancy on several issues and her intuitive insight has always been remarkably accurate and helpful."     Jerry W.  Citrus Heights, CA
  • I did a card reading at Sunlight of the Spirit with Nancy one day while I was waiting for another appointment. She happened to be there and I had time, so I sat down. She was kind, clear and basically told me exactly where I was at that time with life and relationships. It was a reaffirming of where I was at and it was really encouraging. She was right on. 

I felt so comfortable with her, I scheduled a reiki healing session with her for a later date. That was really amazing too. She was right on again with a couple of things I needed to clear out and I felt positive and lighter after I left her in-home office. I highly recommend seeing Nancy if you have any lingering issues you are ready to let go of, or if you need some basic guidance and encouragement with anything. She has a really cool energy and I am glad I met her.       Michelle K.  San Francisco, CA

  • "My sister and I had an awesome reading in July 2016.  Our intro from Nancy made it clear that her readings were never bad news or scary but more about ways to help yourself by the knowing, which put my sister and I at ease.  We each had our own readings but we also were able to sit in on each other's.  We each had a brief healing before we got started which was a pleasant surprise.  She then let us know we could record the reading and take photos of the tarot card layout. 

At the start of each reading she asked Archangel Michael to protect us.  She then let us ask questions while she picked out cards from multiple tarot decks making each reading custom to us and what messages we needed to receive.  Her readings were dead on!  My sister and I were blown away.  Nancy made it light-hearted but still telling us what we needed to hear.  If we had questions she would answer them at that moment.  Added bonus!! Nancy has two lovely dogs that will give you comfort if you need it.  We left feeling open to our future with a new outlook on life and have felt different ever since the reading.  All for the positive!  We can't wait to see Nancy and her dogs very soon!   Also, if you can't wait to see her she offers phone call or Skype services.  Thank you Nancy! Forever grateful."        Elaina & Erin  Fresno, CA

  • "I've been so blessed to have Nancy in my life.  She has helped me clarify difficult situations in my past and present.  Her insight is amazingly accurate and inspiring.  She has an amazing gift."    Ginny G.    Lodi, CA
  • "Nancy is an excellent spiritual healer.  Her healing sessions aid the body in clearing out blockages and giving messages she receives from the universe.  The messages are both accurate and delivered with love and compassion.  The amazing thing is that the healing continues long after the session is over.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who is truly wanting to move forward."        Paula P.  Walnut Grove, CA